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 With APM you can act on events before your clients experience issues. One single tool offers clear insights into your IT systems. APM offers a single pane of glass dashboard using an intuitive user interface that's developed specifically for mobile use. Fix issues before they impact business services and end users!

Improve troubleshooting time by 50%


 Customer experience is more critical than ever for business success! Your IT system's ability to respond to issues as quick as possible has never been more crucial. The APM SaaS (Software as a Service) application gives you extremely fast insights. All day, every day. APM delivers your need for speed!

Experience the full benefits of cloud


 With simple monthly subscriptions you are able to avoid expenses for license, hardware, maintenance and administration. Say goodbye to upgrade headaches, scalability challenges and accessibility restrictions. It's your time to enjoy the full advantages of our APM service, always!

Enjoy APM's five-star experience


A service assurance with outstanding performance and threat management should always be top of mind in any organization. APM provides a comprehensive solution by combining performance and availability monitoring with vulnerability and compliance assessments.

APM's key features

Cross platform performance

and availability monitoring

Secure, open and scalable

best-of-breed platform

Remote inventory

and detailed asset insights

Integrated risk assessment

prevents threats and issues

Unique visualization module

of your complete IT process


customized reports

APM for every need

Managed Service Providers

  • Acknowledge
    "We're more in control of the IT infrastructures of our customers. The multi-tenant single pane of glass dashboard gives us real-time insights into all issues."

Healthcare organisations

  • Cicero Zorggroep
    "Because APM understands the importance of reducing troubleshooting times, we can focus on giving our clients - elderly and disabled people - a more meaningful life."

  • Woonzorgcentrum Sint Anna
    "APM delivers a contribution to our client monitoring. Thanks to APM we can trust our cameras and motion sensors, allowing us to deliver high-quality night care."

Small and medium enterprises

  • Eindhoven Airport
    "APM allows us to focus on performance and drive innovation. This helps our airport to grow towards our targets for aircraft movements and passengers in 2020."

  • Nedis
    "With fast insights we're able to identify and act upon issues in a proactive manner. This allows us to provide our customers with the highest possible service."


They also trust APM

Pay as you go

APM uses a modular approach for payments. You only pay for what you need, when you need it.



Real-time alerts

€2 monthly

Per host



Historical data
Trending graphs

€1 monthly

Per host


Soft- and hardware inventory
Change detection and versioning

€1 monthly

Per host


Vulnerability assessments
Ownership and mitigation

€2 monthly

Per host