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About APM

APM offers you real-time visibility into every level of your IT infrastructure.
Technology is becoming a bigger part of our everyday life. This has a major impact on organizations. As technological developments increase, many organizations lose control of their information technology. APM provides a solution! With a group of 12 passionate IT talents, based in Waalre (Eindhoven), we enable organizations to regain control over their IT infrastructure, hosted services and processes. APM offers a unified monitoring solution that operates with a strong focus on your organization's primary business.

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Our team members


Henno Vos
Customer success manager


Ruben Bosch
Software engineer


Marno van der Molen
Lead APM developer


Teun Beijers
APM developer


Rob van Tol
Application support specialist 

Toni Donkers.jpg

Toni Donkers
Application support specialist 

We promise you this:

A tangible contribution to the achievement of your organizational goals.

An effective monitoring tool as a foundation for growing organizations.

An optimal customer experience through integration with existing service management processes.

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