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Key features

Spend less time fighting fires and more time developing your business. Explore the new features that APM offers you! Trace approaching issues, enable your team to reduce downtime and let your company run more smoothly.

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APM - Acknowledge
APM - Acknowledge


Cross platform performance and availability monitoring

  • Physical, virtual and cloud server monitoring
  • Monitoring of services and applications running on the servers
  • Fast monitoring of technologies through preconfigured checks with optimized thresholds
  • IP-enabled device monitoring (e.g. firewalls, routers, printers or IP cameras)
  • Transaction based web monitoring with custom web inspection checks


Secure and scalable best-of-breed cloud platform


  • Best-of-breed platform build on robust open source technologies
  • RESTful API for easy data access
  • 100% web environment with strong SSL encryption
  • Multi-factor authentication powered by Okta
  • Capacity for large volumes of monitored devices and services
  • Multitenancy that allows customers and staff to only see their authorized hosts

APM-module-visualization-blauw.pngUnique visualization module of your complete IT process

  • Fully customizable maps to display monitored hosts and resources
  • Online documentation of IT environments including current states
  • Display of the summary state of a host and all its resource checks
  • Drill down to represent a complete folder visualization in one icon
  • Visualization of complete (IT) processes

APM-risks-blauw.pngIntegrated risk assessment to prevent threats and issues

  • System, network and application assessment with vulnerability scans
  • Audit system configurations by organization standards

APM-module-assets-blauw.pngRemote infrastructure inventory and detailed asset insights

  • Remote server inventory
  • Hardware, platform and software information for workstations, servers and network devices
  • Network configuration backups with flexible support


Customized and easy-to-read reports


  • Easy integration with existing service management systems
  • Custom properties for grouping elements
  • Detailed reports that include deployments, availability and performance

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